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Words of wisdom, Lloyd my man. Words of wisdom.

Words of wisdom, Lloyd my man. Words of wisdom.

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A short film about movies that played before the 2002 Academy Awards by documentary filmmaker Errol Morris.

On MetaFilter, user Going To Maine compiled a list of thirty Errol Morris documentaries, TV episodes, short subjects and two movies about documentary legend, all of which can be streamed on YouTube, along with some short descriptions of their content.

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Errol Morris, being the greatest American documentarian ever as always.

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"You hate to admit it, but it’s all about luck. […] ‘It’s all hard work.’ Well, yes, it is always hard work, but there are a lot of people who work very hard and are unlucky and they get screwed."
Henry Beard, novelist and founder of the National Lampoon (via seekandspeak)

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"Don’t become brokenhearted. Don’t quit. If you believe you can do it, you can do it. It’s so easy to be hurt. It’s so easy to quit. Don’t quit. Do it again. And then again. Don’t stop."

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